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Fri, 29 Sep 2000 14:54:11 -0500

Regarding my earlier message, some have pointed out that I was rather
negative with respect to calling the FCC.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't
try calling the FCC if it indeed comes to that, but it should definitely be
a last resort.  As the poster "kmarch" said, he/she is going to try to work
with the neighbor first.  That's a good idea in my opinion.  I've always
tried to resolve problems like these without government intervention.  It
always works out better that way for me.  

I called the FCC's 888 number, and after speaking to someone who couldn't
even imagine how a touch lamp could cause interference I did get some
additional info.  She suggested calling the FCC's Office of Engineering &
Technology about the issue.  I'm sure it's already been done before, but
it's definitely worth pursuing.

BTW: The first lady I spoke with at the FCC said they only handle RFI
complaints if it affects a public safety entity like fire, police or rescue,
but not the amateur radio service since we "don't have any emergency
communications issues"!  After educating her she still felt that the FCC
wouldn't take any action.  Oh well.  On to the OET!  Good luck!

de ed -K0iL

> -----Original Message-----
> 	-----Original Message-----
> 	From:	kmarch [SMTP:kmarch@ix.netcom.com]
> 	I am trying to quite down the slowly intrusive noise environment in
> my rural
> 	neighborhood.  Some of my neighbors have purchased lamps which
> generate lots
> 	of RF (Cheep, COSTO, Taiwan...).  Initially I am trying to work with
> these
> 	people, rather than filing a complaint.
> 	Filing a complaint won't do any good since the FCC probably will not
> enforce Part 15 which is where these Non-intentional radiators are
> regulated or at least supposed to be.  You might find someone at the FCC
> who is willing to send a letter, but that's as far as they'll go.  Of
> course, things may've changed now that the new FCC Chairman is an
> "enforcement" guy, but in these types of cases I doubt it.

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