[RFI] Nutone Intercom

Palomar Engineers Palomar Engineers <Palomar@compuserve.com>
Sun, 7 Jan 2001 22:51:35 -0500

Tim your photos of the Nutone panel and the fact that there are 20 flat
cables involved makes me think you should not attempt the job. I don't like
to discourage hams from purchsing our ferrites but the flat cable split
beads we sell at $8 each and you'd need one on each cable. More expensive
than a neighborly helpful gesture should be and may be a mechanical problem
getting them all in. Also our flat cable splits are for .05" thick computer
cable. In the photo it looks as though they are thicker than that. (For
Pete, N4ZR: The splits work OK for this application. They are 1" long. The
toroids you wind are usually only 1/4" thick so one turn of the split is 4
times as good as one through the toroid. Of course you gain by winding by
the square of the turns but in something like Nutone you don't have the
extra wire to wind and you have to disconnect to wind.)  Anyhow I now agree
with K0IL: Tell the neighbor you'd like to fix it but you are afraid you
might void his warranty. It is Nutone's problem and the FCC will back you
on this. Also the Nutone engineers, knowing the circuit, might find a
simple fix and this information can be given to other users with the same
problem or, hopefully, put into the equipment at the factory so none of us
have to contend with it in the future. -- Jack, K6NY, Palomar Engineers

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