[RFI] Elevator RFI

David Jordan David Jordan <wa3gin@erols.com>
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 09:53:42 -0500

Hi Folks,

I have a good friend who has a 4 element tri-band beam mounted on a 20ft
pipe above the elevator hut on his 15 story Condo bldg.  He gets serious
RFI from th elevator when it is in operation.  This elevator uses
inverters to vary the speed of the electric motor, etc. and he believes
the inverters are the source of the RFI.

He uses 1/2inch hardline from the antenna to his shack on the 3rd floor.

Has installed a Radio Works Isolator to limit the possibility of common
mode noise travelling down the shield side of the hard line.

Wonder if there is anything he can do with the elevator equipment. He
has permission to access the hut, etc.


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