[RFI] florescent lighting

Palomar Engineers Palomar Engineers <Palomar@compuserve.com>
Thu, 31 May 2001 13:32:44 -0400

Re: Richard White inquiry.  I am using two types of the screw-in
replacement bulbs. One is by Lights of America. They come on with a flash
then give steady light. They appear to be quiet. -- The other is by
Phillips. It is shorter and picked because useable in small desk lamps. It
comes on weakly then gradually brightens. They are noisy. It eliminates
weak stations on my nearby AM radio. Does not bother my ham radio which is
shielded, of course, with antenna 70 ft away. I haven't tried ferrites or
line filters  as yet. -- Jack, K6NY, Palomar Engineers

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