[RFI] Re: RFI digest, Vol 1 #24 - 2 msgs

Tony Dinkel tonydinkel@clubnet.net
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 09:19:35 -0800

Marvin Collins, W6OQI, CE of KFI for 25 years (now retired) did a lot 
of research into finding RFI proof telephones.  I can't recall any of 
the details but he can be contacted at KFIAM640@aol.com.  He may have 
published an article also.

Tony Dinkel WB6MIE

>I've successfully concluded my search and test for a multi-line
>multifunction RFI proof phone.
>The Panasonic 2.4Ghz GIGARANGE EXTREME Model # KX-TG 2593B
>End of RFI Digest