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Kris, I used the European RFI Standard (CE02 I believe) which addresses both
radiated and susceptibility) as my basis for selecting a monitor.  The
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 87TXM cannot be heard in my FT1000MP setting 2 inches
away.  The feed lines are RG217 and the tower is located approximately 30
feet from the station.  My old monitor had to be turned off to operate some
bands and frequencies.  I would think an LCD display would be pretty clean,
but their picture quality leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the
legibility of small characters, etc.

I was more concerned about the computer and motherboard, but the new Athlon
1600 with Asus A7V133 motherboard in a well shielded Antec cabinet is also
clean.  No RFI into the computer with 1 KW.  There are several split
torroids on a lot of the lines to the computer left over from the previous
computer installation (500Mhz Compaq).

Manufacturers are now branding much of their equipment and boards to FCC
level B which is not as good as the European standard, but it is a heck of a
lot better than the old FCC level A which was only required for an
industrial environment.

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I wonder if this is something that the ARRL's RFI lab could address by
running an RF emissions test on the various LCD (and CRT) monitors at
appropriate frequencies and publishing the results. It would sure help
a lot of hams who have to decide which monitor to buy.

Kris N5KM
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