[RFI] LCD Monitor RFI

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Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:28:45 -0500

I don't have any input re: LCD monitors but am watching this thread closely for
recommendations.  However, when it comes to the computer itself, I build my own
and modify, shield, etc. as needed with no warranty to worry about.  Warranties
on individual parts (except the pwr supply which *may* need adding a Corcom-type
line filter) should still apply - just buy from a reputable supplier, not just
the cheapest and burn in the machine as failures usually occur in the first
couple of months.

As far as the ARRL goes, they should develop a database of "good stuff" and
chronic offenders.  Only problem here is the fast-paced rate of change in the
industry thus timely information.


Tom - WA2BPE.

Wendell Wyly W5FL wrote:

> Kris, I used the European RFI Standard (CE02 I believe) which addresses both
> radiated and susceptibility) as my basis for selecting a monitor.  The
> Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 87TXM cannot be heard in my FT1000MP setting 2 inches
> away.  The feed lines are RG217 and the tower is located approximately 30
> feet from the station.  My old monitor had to be turned off to operate some
> bands and frequencies.  I would think an LCD display would be pretty clean,
> but their picture quality leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the
> legibility of small characters, etc.
> I was more concerned about the computer and motherboard, but the new Athlon
> 1600 with Asus A7V133 motherboard in a well shielded Antec cabinet is also
> clean.  No RFI into the computer with 1 KW.  There are several split
> torroids on a lot of the lines to the computer left over from the previous
> computer installation (500Mhz Compaq).
> Manufacturers are now branding much of their equipment and boards to FCC
> level B which is not as good as the European standard, but it is a heck of a
> lot better than the old FCC level A which was only required for an
> industrial environment.
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> I wonder if this is something that the ARRL's RFI lab could address by
> running an RF emissions test on the various LCD (and CRT) monitors at
> appropriate frequencies and publishing the results. It would sure help
> a lot of hams who have to decide which monitor to buy.
> Kris N5KM
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