[RFI] Cable Modem Interference

Peter D. Vouvounas wb3fsr@home.com
Wed, 28 Nov 2001 11:57:08 -0500


Thanks for the response....

I'm not so sure about coax leaks -- if I just remove the coax input
connector to the modem the noise drops significantly...

I've been tracking the overall cable TV outside plant leaks with my 432 yagi
up on the tower and an IFR service monitor tuned anywhere between 110 MHz &
150 MHz looking for those issues and will place another msg. here later
today with my findings.

It still seems to me that its coming out of the modem locally at least.


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Peter, my 3Com CMX is quiet, but I have a hunch the main problem is your
cabling.  Cable installations are famous for badly crimped connectors, and
if your cable's leaking any modem will be noisy, because the data
frequencies include the ham bands.

73, Pete N4ZR