[RFI] Filtered connectors for video noise

Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Sat, 27 Oct 2001 02:35:33 +0800

Here is another suggestion.  If changing the monitor's contrast control while it's running affects the  interference, then it is coming from the monitor. If not, then it is coming from the card, OR the video cable.

I once troubleshot a horrible video problem with my brother's professional CAD station. He worked from home. Despite a shielded monitor with over a hundred screws in the shielded box, it was knocking out TV reception in the apartments next to his on all six sides.  I tracked it down to improper shield terminations in the video cable. We were able to add another shield over the video cable, properly terminated, that solved the probem.

I saw a similar problem with a cable shipped by a company selling TV cards for computers. Their card connected the TV video in a "T" fashion, and since they had put pigtails over an inch long on all the shields, those shields radiated video signals when we evaluated the card with our computer, with the TV card not selected.  Now the interesting part: The TV card _had an  FCC ID_. It had apparently been tested ONLY in operational mode. Adding a poor quality video cable made the system in which it was installed radiate, and at non-compliant levels.