[RFI] Sony WEGA RFI Problems

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Tue, 4 Sep 2001 08:41:53 -0500

Well Peter, it looks like the new WEGA XBR is still the same old "Noisey"
XBR as my old 1989 XBR.  I hope you have better luck with yours than I did.
The HF noise, worse on 15/17/20 meters, usually became stronger the closer
the TV got to failure mode.  Usually the power supply failed.  I had it
repaired 3 times in last 12 years.  After the last failure this spring, I
went out & bought a Panasonic.  No NOISE & NO TVI!!!  Didn't even have to
install ferrites on the internal speaker wires like I did on the XBR.

I also got the "buy a RS powerline filter" runaround from Sony.  They didn't
have anything else to offer when I told them I already did.  I first owned
the XBR when I lived in an apartment so I didn't discover the noise until I
bought a house & set-up the HF shack there.  While I had it in for one of
the numerous repairs, I explained that HF noise was eminating from the TV's
case, but they said that's normal!  The next shop said they'd try to fix the
HF noise, but didn't.  I called to ask why it still had noise on HF, and
they said they couldn't hear any noise.  Suddenly dawned on me they meant
with their EARS!  They didn't know what I meant by HF.  (It's so hard to get
good help these days!)  In that same shop, the manager actually offered me a
job when he saw me fiddling with the TV in their lobby while I waited for
them to unload my TV.  He said none of his techs could get it to look that
good after hours of work.  That should've been a clue.

If anyone wants a Free broken XBR with lot's of inputs & outputs, drive on
over to Omaha and it's yours, ferrites & all!  My wife wants it out of the
basement.  I keep saying I'll get rid of it after I tear it apart for the
ferrites, but never seem to have the time.  Plus it'd be easier to haul out
in pieces; the XBR's are damn heavy!!!

Although the XBR trinitrons have a great picture, the EMI-EMC quality is a
real problem with Sony.  And they don't really care since only a small
number of customers will be affected.  I recommend Panasonic or maybe JVC
which also has great picture quality, but I have no experience with JVC.
Panasonic just had the better price for features available.

de ed -K0iL

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> From:	Peter D. Vouvounas
> Have any of you experienced and or found a cure for broadband noise
> emitted
> from the Sony WEGA XBR TV???
> A couple of months ago we placed a new home theater system in our living
> room which includes a new flat screen 36" WEGA XBR.
> Shortly after we installed a new amateur antenna system on an 18' roof
> tower
> atop our home (5 Band HEX BEAM, 2 very long M2 VHF/UHF yagi's, Carolina
> Windom hanging off the tower and a G7 Hustler Collinear on the top of the
> 24' boom.
> Besides lot's O electrical line noise on 20 - 10 meters I discovered an S6
> level of noise that's generated by the Sony TV that runs from approx. 13
> MHz
> through 16.5 MHz.
> It took a number of months to find this one due to the TV not normally on
> when I'm in the HAM shack (basement Office / Ham Shack)  Now enter
> granddaughter (3.5 yrs old) and boom - What in the World is that noise on
> 20
> Meters HIHI.
> Between this and the electrical noise's that I've been "working" with GPU
> power, it's more than a challenge to work decent DX.
> Earlier I tried to share my step by step log with the group related to the
> electrical escapades, but I've never seen it show up on the list
> distribution.  I may try this again for others input regarding any new
> approaches.
> Contacted Sony customer service and their fist response included going to
> Radio Snack and purchasing a TVI filter @$%@#$% following a slightly more
> demanding request for escalation they issues me a case number with a
> listing
> of three TV repair shops to select from.  Sony indicated that they will
> pay
> for an authorized TV servicer to come out and measure the emission levels
> from the WEGA.  Well need I even mention that none of them have the test
> equipment to do this and in most cases lack the knowledge.
> One of the three servicers appeared to be a little more knowledgeable with
> regard to noise generation (A little) and suggested that he may replace
> the
> "D Module and black box" with a real flyback and new D Module board.  Now
> this resolution is for a different style of problem but its his best
> guess.
> Sony gave him the authorization to do this when the parts arrive in a
> couple
> of weeks.
> Of course some concerns exist in my mind - sort of sounds like stabbing in
> the dark.  Moving a home theater system around when the TV alone weighs
> between 200 & 300 pounds is no fun HIHI.
> 73 Look forward to any thoughts.
> PeterV [REN]  WB3FSR
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