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On Sunday, 31 March, 2002 9:28 AM, KE2N@cs.com [SMTP:KE2N@cs.com] wrote:
> The 2002 National Electric Code requires that all new residential
> construction use Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
> I recently looked at one of these at the electrical supply store. They 
> very much like a GFI circuit breaker, but have a big FCC Part 15 sticker 
> them. The instructions state that they may cause interference to 
> and must accept interference from transmitters, which I suppose is the 
> definition of a Part 15 device....

Re: Part 15...Doesn't it go something like this:  "This device MUST NOT 
cause harmful interference, and MUST ACCEPT any and all interference."  In 
other words "No FCC protection".

> Any one have experience with these? Has any organization done RFI tests 
> them? Will all the bedroom lights go out in my new house when I key up my 
> kilowatt?
Don't have any experience with them yet, but I would think they'd be either 
the same or better than the old GFIs in the EMI area.

I have a bathroom GFI that is in the brkr box that's somewhat sensitive to 
RF, but cannot ever duplicate it.  Usually find it tripped after I've been 
on contesting and transmitting over a wide range of freqs so unable to 
determine which band or specific freq(s) it trips at.  Only find it that 
way once or twice a year though.

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