[RFI] CATV SUB-Band Interference

Donn J. Sachs djs26@po.cwru.edu
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 09:27:27 -0500

I am trying to track down the source of interference
in the HF band and came across a chart that shows the
CATV SUB-Bands. In the chart I see that channel T7 has
a video freq. of 7.0mhz and a sound freq. of 11.50 mhz.
The other channels, T8-T13, go up from there.
Well, I'm hearing an S9+10 signal at 7MHZ and an S9 signal
at 11.5MHZ, so I was kind of suspicious that the CATV
SUB-Band signals were causing this trouble.
I am also getting the same type of signals at other
CATV SUB-Band channels on my Kenwood TS850, although
not at the S9+10 level and sometimes not at the exact same
freq as the CATV channel.
The signal at 7.0MHZ is 24x7 for the past couple of months.
Has anybody else seen this type of RFI?
I was kind of surprised when I saw the chart for CATV SUB-Band
use because I suspected the RFI was power line generated at
first. Now I'm not sure.
Anybody know what they use the SUB-Band channels for?
I'm not sure how to approach the CATV provider on
this one, I want to be certain first.
We do have 2 providers in the area, Adelphia+Ametitech, so
I'd have to find the source first.

Thanks for the help,
Donn Sachs