[RFI] RFI CATV Sub Band Interference

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Subject: CATV Sub Band Use

Reference your post on the RFI reflector.

CATV Systems use the sub bands in various ways.  Most often it is used for what is commonly referred to "as return signals or two way feed."  By utilizing these frequencies, there are at least 7 additional video channels in this range below the normal Channel 2 assignment.  Many cable systems that offer internet service utilize these frequencies for their outgoing (transmitting out) service.

The cable system still must keep these frequencies confined within their distribution and trunk coaxial cables to avoid interfering with other principal users of these frequencies.

Don't be surprised to find that the problem could very well be the internal drop cable serving your home or another near by as the drop cable is more likely to leak than the hard-line because of flexing action due to the wind and similar environmental factors, especially corroded F fittings or improper splices.

73 and hope this helps you.

J. Leon Pringle, Jr    W5NA

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