[RFI] AC line data rfi?

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj@hotmail.com
Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:15:53 +0000

Hi everyone:

This morning I was getting ready for work and turned on the radio in my 
bathroom.  Mixed in with the signal from WGN (720 Khz, 50 kw omni clear 1A) 
whose tower is about oh, 20-25 miles away was the unmistakable sound of 
modulated data.  Uh oh.  Heard it on the radio in my kitchen too, but not on 
a battery operated radio--only the ones that plug in to ac service.  Tuned 
around but only heard it on WGN's sig.  At work I was informed that you can 
get these home computer intranets that allow you to network your computers 
at home via your house ac wiring.  Could it be that a neighbor has one of 
these and it's gg out and mixing with the 720 khz sig. in the IFs?  It's not 
real loud but I'm a regular WGN listener and having data in the background 
is somewhat irritating but also I'm wondering where else it will show up.  
Is there a fix?  Line filter everything?  W3NQNs?  Tnx for advice & 73

Rob Atkinson

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