[RFI] Modem grief from 40M on down

Gary Smith mandolinist@interlync.com
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 22:06:45 -0500


I have two modems to my compute, One is an older ISA slot  & the 
other a PCI 

If I get on any band from 40 meters on down the PCtel has a 
coronary. 3 watts is 
enough to stop it dead in it's tracks & do a redial.

The antenna (butternut HF6V) is only 6-8 feet from the tele line. No 
other good place 
to put it...

I wound the phone lines around amidon rods & with this I can do 
100 watts with the 
ISA modem still connecting. Nothing I have tried with ferrites has 
worked with the 
other. I have a fair collection of lossy ferite here & I must have had 
5-6 rods with tele 
cord wrapped around it in series & absolutely no go.

Running into a bird dummy load I have no problem with the modem

Any suggestions how to deal with this?



Gary Smith


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