[RFI] power line noise - approaches to the utility

Tom Cox tomcox@iquest.net
Mon, 02 Dec 2002 12:58:02 -0500

>> I'm sorry, but I think you misunderstand what I am saying.
>No, I don't.  Your message was based on the premise that power
>line noise should be eliminated because of its potential to
>disrupt emergency traffic.
This seems like a legitimate approach to me, Bill. The point is not to 
settle on one argument and pound the power company over the head with it 
incessantly. Provide them with more than one good reason to fix the 
problem, and take away the arguments for ignoring it. Read the situation 
and go with the approach that seems most likely to work. Power line RFI 
can be a leading indicator of impending equipment failure. The liability 
and repair costs of such failures can add up very quickly. (Just ask 
American Electric Power about the downed power line that killed one 
person and injured others this summer in Muncie, IN). This approach may 
work with accounting types, and employees who are conscious of the 
utility's public image.

 It is also illegal, and can result in the (unpleasant) attention of the 
FCC. And, it may interfere with emergency communications, as well as 
legitimate, routine amateur communications. Employees who tend to think 
in terms of compliance with laws and regulations, and the ones who want 
to protect their jobs against lawsuits, might be responsive to this one.

There is no harm in mentioning all of these as potential motivators. 
Find out which one(s) get some traction, and use them.

Tom Cox, KA5NEE

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