[RFI] Common Mode RFI

Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 2:53:5 -0800

re Snap-on ferrites as common-mode tester, I've been using 
this for some years. Ad hoc test equipment. Great minds must 
think alike (heh).   However, they don't replace a Solar or 
Eaton (or the like) snap-on current transformer  -- which 
I've got. They are just MUCH less expensive. 

I found one of the Palomar current meters on e-Bay, too. Those
are no longer in production. MFJ makes a tunable current probe 
using an electrostatic shield around a ferrite rod, too; I've 
retuned one for AMBC and used it on telecomm gear near a radio 


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 > Date: 12/4/2002 10:25:07 PM
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> QST August 2000 p.42
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> Germino wrote:
> >   QST has had a couple of construction projects about this type of
> >tester.  It only gives a relative reading, but it is very useful.