[RFI] RF resistant TV, DVD, & Surround Sound ?

EDWARDS, EDDIE J eedwards@oppd.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 08:36:48 -0600


I don't run the legal limit here, but I have run 500w into a vertical
directly above the living room where my 27" Panesonic TV is located.  No
TVI, video or audio rectification even.  Nothing.  No ferrites were
needed.  I do have an old RadShack AC filter (the old 15 series unit)
plus a surge suppressor.  But that was left over from the old TV.  Never
tried it without.  

My old Sony XBR trinitron made an excellent HF rcvr!  I've heard nearly
all of the Sony's react the same.  And Sony didn't seem to care when I
contacted them about this issue.  Required internal ferrites on spkr
wires to clean it up.  The Sony Sub woofer with it's own power amp was
never able to get cleaned up.  

Also, my JVC DVD doesn't react at all from any RF.  Don't remember the
model though; it has 3 disc capacity.

Can't comment on any SS audio components, but the main risk there is
probably just audio rectification, which can be easily fixed with
ferrites from RadShack or equiv.  

73, de ed -K0iL

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From: Bert Rollen - K4AR 
Hi All,

My wife wants a new TV,DVD, and surround sound.  Any suggestions for a 
radio resistant choice ? TV size can be 27" & up, including LCD, but 
probably not plasma.

Capable power levels  at legal limit 1.8 - 432 Mhz here.

Thanks, Bert - K4AR