[RFI] computer rfi report

Patrick A. Thompson Sr. wa4tukhr@comcast.net
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 22:04:15 -0500

Thank you for the report and congratulations!

How did you know that this supply had adequate filtering before you bought

My next step to cure computer RFI from my power supply would have been to
purchase a name brand supply,  perhaps PC Power and Cooling. The supply in
my Athlon 1300 MHz was branded suitable for "office and home use" but
internally had places on the PC board for filters but only empty space and
wire jumpers. A PC Power and Cooling power supply would have cost (from
memory) about $65. Their site lets you choose the environment the supply
will be used in such as "home" or "industrial".

What I did was to buy a Corcom filter off of Ebay ($5) and run a shielded
pair from the power supply case to the filter and shielded pair back into
the power supply AC input all inside the PC box.

Noise is almost gone.

I would like to avoid this problem with my next PC.


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> A few months ago, I posted here asking about a problem I was having with
> noise on my hf radio coming from my computer.
> I had narrowed it down to the power supply ( by disconnecting everything
> from the computer case and turning on the power, only to have the noise
> at the same level ) and I finally replaced the offending power supply.
> I replaced it with a ATXPOW450PRO from StarTech.com. It is a 450 watt
> supply, with 8 hard Lp4 drive power taps, 3 floppy SP4 taps,  a single
> mother board connector, 1 x 4 pin extended ATX 12v for pentium 4, and 1
> x ^6 pin auxiliary plug so it should run just about anything that run an
> ATX supply. It weighs in at 4.6 lbs. pretty hefty!
> Now for the rfi ( or total lack of ) report. No news is good news in
> this instance. I can see no difference with my computer on or off now.
> Happy days! I am back on 75 meters with hf and internet at the same
> time. Of course, the wife will not like me being back in the sack as
> much as before, but hey, she is supposed to understand. ( She's a ham as
> well. )
> Not often do I get to report complete success in my quest for reducing
> noise on HF. I happy to say I am totally please with this power supply
> and it may be worth a try for anyone having the same problem I had.
> 73 to all
> W6EZ
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