[RFI] noise sniffer article in QST?

Billy Cox aa4nu@ix.netcom.com
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 22:10:43 -0600

> Recently (last 2 years?) there was an article in QST on how to build a VHF
> AM line noise detector...anyone know the month/year?

Here's a post I shared with our local TCG ... hope it helps ...
I built the unit several years ago, not "sure" who has it now,
but it has helped several to track down the various sources.

This is for a much earlier article ... but should still help you.

73 Billy AA4NU
Here's the 'rest of the story' for those of
you who inquired regarding the article
in QST to build your own "sniffer" ...

Actual construction article -
QST Sept. 1992, p. 52

Good article on "how to find the power line noise" -
QST Nov. 1991, p. 43

Misc. comments ... The QST article calls for an
outboard attenuation box ... being as I didn't find
one of those in my junkbox, I didn't use one ...

KISS rules here !

Also, the article uses copper tubing for elements,
I did that, but mounted them inside some small
diameter rigid PVC tubing to add strength and stop
the tubing from getting bent so easy (and to stop
the risk of poking someone's eye out!)

Happy "power line noise hunting" !