[RFI] Broad band Cable Modem

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj@hotmail.com
Mon, 03 Jun 2002 21:30:08 +0000

Not sure what kind of line filter you used--I've heard good things about the 
W3NQN filters which you can get from array solutions @ 
www.arraysolutions.com. maybe the filter you used is okay but not good 
enough.  a lot of people swear by the NQNs but they're expensive--about $100 

Rob Atkinson

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From: "Elbert E. Flanagan" <w8rhs@wvinter.net>
To: rfi@contesting.com
Subject: [RFI] Broad band Cable Modem
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 17:02:18 -0400

Would appreciate any comments or fixes you can recommend concerning RFI
into a neighbor's computer- a new 1.6 gigahertz. The location is within
50 feet of my radio hamshack.  The problem mainly appears when I run
Radio Teletype  at low power, 50 watts or less on the 30 and 40 meter
amateur bands. Other modes does not appear to cause the problem,  RTTY
is a constant carrier transmission type. No problems experienced in my
residence on TVI, telephones (including wireless) and stereo equipment.
The cable TV company has updated all coax cables , not because of my
problems but to be digital capable.  I understand others have had
similar experiences.
The external modem with AC power supply, shuts down-- no other problems
experienced with the computer normal operation.  I have provided an EMI
ac line filter for the modem power source which helps but not a cure..
Thanks    W8RHS

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