[RFI] WOW!!!!!!!

Tom Horton k5iid@ntelos.net
Sat, 09 Mar 2002 08:01:56 +0000

Man do I ever feel dumb! I thought that there was no one really interested in
EMI-RFI-TVI problems anymore. Then tonight I found this list quite by accident!
I have been subscribed to the QTH.net list but it doesn't have the volume 
that this one does.
I have been fighting Mon Power/Allegheny Power for over 7 years here. It 
looks like
it will be coming to a head on Monday. After filing a "formal" complaint 
with the
Public Service Commission of West Virginia in September, we (me, PSC and 
the power co)
are having a hearing before an administrative law judge on Monday morning. 
So I am gathering
all that I can.
  I am not a novice in trying to solve these problems. I've been licensed 
since 56 and have battled
line noise from all over.
Any lawyers out there that have any advice for me pertaining to the hearing?
Today, they cut a 23 KV line and when they did it unmasked some problems that
I have been trying to convince them of for a long time.
Anyway, while I was watching the rx s-meter and plotting the noise on the PC,
it went from s9 to s1 in an instant as soon as they found the culprit.
That was the main problem but there are many more in this small old town, 
so I am
going to press the issue because hams all over this area have been having
troubles too...I guess they are not as persistant as I or as my wife says,
"The other guys probably have a life!".
73, and wish me luck Monday!

Tom Horton K5IID
Williamstown, WV
Tom Horton	
K5IID in West "BY GAWD" Virginia
" E " sorter for the W5 Bureau