[RFI] WOW!!!!!!!

Jon Ogden na9d-2@speakeasy.net
Sat, 09 Mar 2002 09:01:07 -0600

on 3/9/02 8:15 AM, Pete Smith at n4zr@contesting.com wrote:

> Sorry that Tom had to go to the PSC, but I guess sometimes it takes that.
> As for the utility's legal obligation, if you go to the ARRL TIS web site
> you can find samples of letters the FCC has sent to various utilities tht
> spell out their obligations in the RFI area.  It's a very strong position
> to argue from.

Not only that, but RFI is caused by an arcing situation somewhere.

An arcing situation involves a discharge of electricity.

Electricity spent in discharging is less they have to deliver to customers.

So it is an efficiency and cost benefit to them to fix the RFI problems.
Every little problem may not be very much in terms of power grid efficiency.
But if it is widespread, you add all those up and it most certainly does
have an impact.  These guys want to provide power with the least loss of
that power from the substation to your home.  Well, if they lose some of
that power in arcs, they are wasting some power and hence losing some money.

So there is certainly a benefit for them to fix it!