[RFI] Computer monitors

WA2BPE wa2bpe@exotrope.net
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 16:18:02 -0500


What are the present views/opinions on monitors (specific brands/models,
pse.) that aren't complete trash in the EMI department?  Understandably,
cleanup is theoretically  possible but often difficult.  OTOH, cases,
etc. are relatively  simple to clean up.

Presently, I can hear direct radiation at 50 MHz from two monitors (the
enclosures, not via the cables) in my own QTH which are sometimes a
serious problem for weak signal/DX work.  I did run into a list on the
web at the Yankee Clipper Contest Club site on monitors but the info
appears to be 1999 vintage and this area changes like one should change
one's socks!

Since I am in the market for a 17" monitor, I thought it would be good
to at least start with something decent, if it exists.  Any opinions
would be appreciated.

TIA & 73,

Tom - WA2BPE - FN12lf