[RFI] Power line RFI situation

Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:58:33 -0800

I've had some luck using higher frequency bands as I got closer
to the source.  A 1.2 GHz beam will narrow it down practically 
to the arcing part - but you have to be close. Modern portable 
receivers are SURE handier than lugging around an R7000 - or 
(God help me) a 141T or EMC-25!

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> Hi everyone,
> I've received a lot of great suggestions--thanks.  Here's an idea for
> local club if you're looking for something to purchase and let members
> One of those ultrasonic dishes to pinpoint line arcs.  I bet a lot of 
> members would want to use it!  I'd be first in line if I were one of them!
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