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>From what I have heard it is not RFI but loading of your trucks electrical system.  The flasher increases or decreases depending on the current and voltage of the system.  You sometimes see it on large pickups that have boats or trailers.  When unhitched the loading is different for the flasher.

Ft.Lupton, Colo

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I have a problem which I have not seen addressed anywhere.

I have a 1980 Toyota Tercel, with a Yaesu FT-1500M mounted
in the passenger compartment and a quarter wave antenna mounted
on the top of the trunk.

When I am sitting at a light with the turn signal on and I transmit
even at five watts, I notice that the turn signal flasher speeds up. I
have the antenna cable running from the back of the car under
the door panel and up under the dash to the radio. The power cable
is tapped off of the battery. Any ideas as to where the RFI is coming
in at?

Ace, N8QNP
Dayton, Ohio

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