[RFI] Disappointing NEC Monitor & a query

Dick rbodine@cpinternet.com
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 18:09:47 -0600

I sent this to the reflector about two weeks ago but have yet to see it
appear.  So here goes again.

I've been doing some testing of LCD monitors and of the two, one Gateway

(FPD 1520) and a NEC LCD1525.  Both were clean as
a whistle on HF unfortunately I didn't get a check on anything above
HF.   I'm waiting to get a NEC LCD1700m+ or whatever they replace it
with to test and I'll post the results on here.

I use a Dell Trinitron 13" I've had for several years and I wish it were

as quiet as the LCD's I've had the opportunity to try.  I'm in the
process of building a new system and would love to go to an LCD monitor
but want something larger than the 15".

73, Dick

Dick Bodine, N0IM
Duluth Minnesota