[RFI] Ultrasonic detect. (was: Power line RFI situation)

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj@hotmail.com
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 14:24:00 +0000

Yes, it was the Ultraprobe 2000 made by UE Systems.  I finally found a 
vendor with a price quote on the Web.  The hand held unit cost around 
$4,500, and the parabolic clear acrylic dish by itself cost $1,750.
I told someone that for that kind of money I could afford to list my house 
and move to the country!

Over the weekend I ran my transceiver off a car battery and flipped the 
house main breaker to kill all the ac coming in.  The noise (I now have 
identified a corona hash sometimes at 10 db over in addition to the pulse) 
kept right on rolling in.  Now I can confidently go hunting and tell them 
it's not my problem.

I think the ultrasonic receiver Ed mentioned is at that web site he gave but 
under "acoustics - listening devices" and not "ultrasonics."
Under ultrasonics all I found were gadgets that make noise instead of 
receiving it. See:  http://www.amazing1.com/accoustics.htm
Let's hope it works, but that HT someone mentioned that goes to 330 Mhz AM 
is a good deal too!


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 > From:	Rob Atkinson, K5UJ
 > Please tell where they sell for $200.00.
	Yes, please post your findings on K2QAI's testing the unit as
well.  If it makes the grade in the ARRL labs then I'd consider
budgeting one for our ham club as a loaner.

 > I searched the Web and found a vendor for one brand of ultrasonic arc
 > locator
 > (the kind with a clear plastic dish and pistol grip handle that the
 > pros
 > use) and it cost over $6,000!!
	Rob, was that for the UE Systems or another brand?  Just

	de ed -K0iL

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