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Thanks for the links.

One very important issue for us as individual Hams is that no matter how 
well suppressed Part 15 devices are for emissions, they can be highly 
susceptible to RF we generate. And while we are not required to protect 
Part 15 users, we do have to live with them! Just this weekend, I had 
a long conversation at the M2 open-house with an Amateur whose neighbor 
can't use DSL connection when the Amateur is on the air. This has been 
the source of some friction.

Another issue is the impact on short-wave listening. I don't know what 
the FCC's legal responsibility is to protecting SW broadcasts. I would 
expect it to be much the same as protecting domestic broadcast, if our 
treaties mean anything. And this would require additional notches be 
designed-in.  WWV reception is supposed to protected, too, but just 
try 10 MHz when your neighbor's home 10-baseT Ethernet network is up 
and running. 


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> RFIers,
> An interesting info article link appeared in the EDN newsletter (trade
> 1)  30 dB down from what level?
> 2)  What is the full frequency range of the system?
> 3)  What happens with a XX  V/m in-band source irradiating the power
> (Let's assume a house wired without EMT or metal armor flex.)
> 4)  What happens in condo or apartment buildings when multiple users run
> the same system (presumably fed from the same main power transformer)?
> Note that the editor who wrote the article has an e-mail address.  If you
> like, and to avoid bombarding him with a ton of messages, send replies to
> me.  I'll compile the list and after 3 days, I'll send the unanswered

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