[RFI] Another Interesting RFI Source

Larry Weaver n6tw@n6tw.org
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:56:03 -0800

I monitor the simplex frequency 446.5 MHz most of the time. Recently, 
interference showed up on  the frequency in the form of noise-like pulses 
which varied in rate. I searched and searched and finally decided it must 
be coming from my house. Then I noticed one day when the telephone rang, 
the interference stopped.

I recently purchased a Plantronics CT10 900 MHz headset telephone. The 
remote unit turned out to be the source of the interference. I forced it to 
change channels and the interference moved from 446.5; I haven't found 
where it went so it's not a problem.

Another checkpoint in a wireless world.