[RFI] RCA HDTV Monitor

Germino mgermino@inreach.com
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 15:19:56 -0800

Just for information.  I Purchased a RCA HDTV Monitor (36 inch) and have no
RFI problems.  I read in the archives about the problems with the Sony WEGA
so I thought I would let you know about my experience with this TV since
these new TVs are big investments.

I have a multiband vertical on the roof and  the TV had no problems with 100
watts. (boy was I glad) I then dusted off the amplifier (seldom use it) and
cranked out well over a kilowatt and had no problems.  TV is also on same AC
circuit as the ham station.  (next room)

As of now I only have a VCR and a playstation hooked up and I am using

The old TV had a slight RFI problem when I ran the Amp. (even with all the
filters and beads)