[RFI] RFI In Toyota Tundra V8 ?

Patrick A. Thompson Sr. wa4tukhr@comcast.net
Mon, 06 May 2002 22:41:19 -0400

Here's an unscientific semi-educated opinion.

I have a Tundra v8 2000 model with 2 meter fm rig ft-2600m installed.  I've
never heard ignition or other noise from the engine into the ft-2600m.  The
spark noise on broadcast AM is barely audible if you tune off the broadcast
band.  I've used the AM radio to search for AC utility noise with the
factory radio tuned to 1710.  The local utility is much louder than the

Knowing what I know now I'd still buy it.

I'm considering changing the FT-2600M for a 706mk2 and don't anticipate any


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Hi all,

I am looking at purchasing a Toyota Tundra V8. I will operate all bands,
but with emphasis on 50/144 SSB/CW.

Any RFI / Electrical system noise problems encountered out there ?


Bert - K4AR

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