[RFI] 4 Runner Fuel Pump

Dennis Vernacchia n6ki@juno.com
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 22:29:35 -0700

Has anyone been successful in quieting down the noise from the
electric fuel pump in early 90s Toyota 4 Runners

I tried different mix beads including 43 and various ceramic caps to
ground from 
each lead close to the pump.....no effect

I know it is teh pump as with engine running I disconnect it and before
engine stalls noise level goes from S7 to S1

I also tried outiing a 250 uH choke in each lead and also caps to ground
on either side of choke and all I can do is INCREASE noise (hash) to S9
when caps are on far side of choke away from pump.

Values used were 0.002uf, 0.01uf and 0.05pF

We will try a same value caps directly across the pump leads as close
to pump as we can get which is 3 or 4 inches awauy from pump at connector
in wire harness  

Any other ideas appreciated....no, we are not going to drop the tank!

73, Dennis n6KI

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