[RFI] Noise Canceller vs DSP filter

Tom Horton k5iid@ntelos.net
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 03:14:35 +0000

  Trying to mask the noise with blankers and such will not
solve the problem. That will only be a temporary fix because
the line noise will only get worse until they fix it.
You cannot be dainty with the power company, because they will
delay as long as they can and if you stop complaining, they
will never do it!
  I have had to go to the state public service commission several
time and even went to an administrative law court, but we(they) finally
got it finished...well almost. Still some but for the most part negligible.
You can start by going to the ARRL webpage and printing the letter
to the power companies. It is somewhere on the RFI part.
Send a copy of the letter to the local people in your power company and
reiterate your complaint.
This should make them see that you are serious!
Good luck,
  Tom K5IID

At 12:29 10/18/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I am new to this reflector, so please forgive me if
>this topic has been covered recently.  I have a decent
>amount of power line noise at my QTH-S6 or so most of
>the time.  Trying to work with the power company, and
>have found a couple of suspect power poles, but have
>not had success in fixing anything yet.
>I began to solve the problem by getting a Yaesu
>FT100D.  The NB is incredible, as QST stated in their
>review, and it helps rid the noise on several bands,
>mainly 20-10 meters.  Doesn't help much on 30 and
>below, where I am still getting S5 noise.  So I bought
>a used MFJ 1026 noise canceller and tried it out with
>different antenna configurations.  Did not do any
>good.   Luckily it had a return policy, so it is being
>Has anyone had any luck using different DSP filters to
>remove power line noise-like the TImewave 599+ or
>anything like that.  What works, what doesn't?  ANd
>should I just expect a S5 noise level on the low bands
>due to atmospheric noise?  It seems to me I don't
>remember it being that bad in the past.
>73s John NE0P
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