[RFI] No Complaints, No Problem!

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Cortland's got a point, but...

I filed a complaint 10 years ago with the EIA and another mfr assoc.,
but the FCC told me they weren't interested and no longer handle TVI
complaints (either to or from!).  I think the FCC already knows there's
a problem but they don't feel they have the teeth necessary to enforce
part 15 compliance or any other EMI problems.  Besides, it was my own
part 15 device so the solution according to the rules is to stop using
it!  Sony told me they never get complaints of this nature, and they
probably really do but only one or two a year doesn't even make a
percentage.  So it's never on the radar.  So be sure to complain to
everyone, and tell them you've heard about numerous compaints on this
list if they try the "this is the first we've heared about this"
routine.  They want you to feel like it's just you so you'll go away

 de ed -K0iL

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I think that in these situations it is important to file an FCC
including a copy of our correspondence or a summary of telephone calls,
etc. The Commission _officially_ recognizes no problem unless it has
complaints on file. And a record of no complaints helps manufacturers'
attempts to get already inadequate regulatory interference levels raised


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