[RFI] No Complaints, No Problem!

Cortland Richmond ka5s@earthlink.net
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 10:54:57 -0700

I'm not going to dispute what Eddie says about the good TVI complaints do
-- or don't do.  They're often futile. The Commission isn't staffed as it
was twenty years ago and interference complaints could swamp its other
enforcement actions even at previous manning levels. 

My point is not that we will get ACTION (we might). My point is that with a
database of complaints, the FCC has at least a substantiated problem its
regulations can address.  Without such a database, the FCC must act as if
there were no problem.  

Without such a database, manufacturers - I know them; I've worked in EMC
(computers and telecom) almost 19 years -- can point to the absence of
complaints as reason to relax what standards they are now supposed to meet.

Actually getting importers and manufacturers to comply with existing
provisions is spotty enough --- who tests switching PS wall-warts? I've
seen no FCC marks on the ones at Wal-Mart! The prospect standards might be
relaxed does not fill me with joy.

This weekend I was working HF-pack and other stations from my mobile (new
FT-897!). Manmade noise was a major problem on 17, 40 and 80 meters. DSP
and a NB didn't deal with it all, by a long shot. I don't want it to get
Cortland, KA5S

Ed, K0IL, wrote: 
> [Original Message]
> I filed a complaint 10 years ago with the EIA and another mfr assoc.,
> but the FCC told me they weren't interested and no longer handle TVI
> complaints (either to or from!).  I think the FCC already knows there's
> a problem but they don't feel they have the teeth necessary to enforce
> part 15 compliance or any other EMI problems.  Besides, it was my own
> part 15 device so the solution according to the rules is to stop using