[RFI] TV Cable Information and TVI

Carlos Augusto S. Pereira py4ro@superig.com.br
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 20:18:54 -0300

Dear friends,

That is the situation I am facing right now.... After many years =
operating with a vertical antenna I moved to my own apartament=20
and got permission to install a small tribander Yagi. I decided for a 2 =
element Yagi simply because it is small and is discreet. The antenna was =
installed on a 18 ft self supported tower, however, for safety reasons,  =
I installed guy wires at each 90 degrees (the tower has a squared base).

Well, the only place I have to bring the coax and rotor cables from the =
roof to the second floor (where is located my apartment) is the same =
place where the 75 ohms antenna tv cable passes. Does anyone have =
experienced the same situation? TVI will happen for sure? The antennas =
(my 2 el yagi, the VHF tv antenna and the directv dish) are very close =
up there anyway. The only place available to install antennas on the =
roof is an area of 24 ft x 12 ft.=20

I am asking that (and do not try directly) because the cable will show =
up in the main room and I will have to break the floor or the the wall =
to bring the cables to the shack. Big work... big problem with the wife. =
If TVI is sure I will have to start again the lobby work with the =
neighbors to pass the cable outside the building (this second option is =
hard to accomplish).

I would like to hear some comments.

73 and thank you in advance

Carlos  PY4RO (ex PY1CAS ex PT2HO)
E-mail: py4ro@superig.com.br

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