[RFI] Ground Question

STRutledge at aol.com STRutledge at aol.com
Mon Feb 3 18:56:12 EST 2003

Hi folks.  My shack is on the second floor of my house.  No other options.  I 
had the same situation years ago in another house, another city.  I was just 
getting started in the hobby and several "old timers" told me about a method 
of getting a good RF ground on the second floor.  It involved using 
capacitors on a piece of RG-8U.  You installed one at the shack and at the 
ground across the shield and center conductor.  The ones I have, bought at 
Dayton years ago where they were sold as part of this "lash-up," are marked, 
"RMC, .01HD, 1KV, Z5U.  They are discs, tan in color. 

Maybe some of the more technically inclined can comment on this arrangement.  
I would appreciate it.

Steve, N4JQQ

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