[RFI] Ground Question

Mark aa6dx at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 4 15:54:08 EST 2003

Just an FYI .. in my 2nd story hamshack @ North Pole (KL7) --- I had no
ground problems, except with 10M .. awful prob .. I ran a resonant 1/4 wave
piece of wiring from the ground terminal on the modified SB-220, ... mostly
ended the problem .. the "waaaarrr" just ran around the baseboards of the
room, hidden under the rug.  90% plus of prob went away ..  73 --- Mark
AA6DX --- the guy who cuts all the 3rd prongs from his ham shack power
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> Steve, Keith, and List Members,
> Keith, you have really hit the nail with this one.  So did Ian, G3SEK, in
> another reply to Steve's posting.  I would just like to add a few
> First, I was a second floor op for roughly the first half of my ham
> I violated a LOT of grounding rules and paid the price in some cases.
> of my coax cables were ever grounded external to the house in those days,
> and I am just very glad now that I never took a near or direct lightning
> strike during that entire time.  In actuality, my shack ground was the 3rd
> wire ground of the AC power feed.  The houses in the Chicago area have
> required to use metal conduit for decades, so having a rather solid safety
> ground from a 2nd floor shack is not a problem there.  However, stray RF
> currents will also travel (or try to travel) that path, and that is where
> problems arise.  I was generally OK until I tried to use a longwire
> with a tuner located in the shack,  Disaster!
> Now, some specific comments on Steve's situation:

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