[RFI] GFI Problem

Dan Violette danki6x at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 8 16:51:15 EST 2003

I have cured it with a bead on each lead right at the GFCI.  If I remember,
type 77 (biggest ohm value at freq you are interested in), just big enough
for the wire.  Dan KI6X

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Does anyone out their have any suggestions for RFI proofing
Ground Fault Interuptors? Specifically, several of the GFI's
in my house (and occasionally their associated circuit breakers)
trip when I am transmitting on 160 meters. The best solution,
of course, would be to get my 160 meter vertical further from
the house, but this is not practical since my lot is very small.

I am wondering if  RF bypass capacitors or ferrite beads
judiciously placed on the affected circuits would be the way
to solve this problem?


Mike, W4EF.................................................

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