[RFI] Switch mode lamp noise

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What manufacturer model number? If they are avialable in the US, I want to test them to see if they comply with the FCC conducted emissions limits.

Are they CE marked?

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> Subject: [RFI] Switch mode lamp noise
> When we moved into our house I had some nice halogen spot lamps fitted
> in the shack. Didn't realise at the time that these things have a
> switching supply to produce the 12 volts for the bulb. With only a
> single one fitted to the track it produces enough rubbish to wipe out
> everything from top band through ten. Antennas are outside 
> 100 foot away
> fed with coax.
> They are a very simple design, recified household supply powers an
> oscillator which is then transformed down to 12 volts. Scope shows a
> nice 11KHz sqare wave. These things are two wire only, no ground.
> Is there anything I can do to get rid of the noise, short of either
> replacing them or fitting a 20 amp DC supply in the attic?
> 73's
> Martin, HS0ZED
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