[RFI] QRM from LV lighting circuits

KF6IIU wsanders1 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 10:27:54 EDT 2003

I wonder why Hampton Bay / Malibu would ship a relatively expensive
RFI-producing and thus probably a switching type power supply when you
could just use a generic transformer? I would guess weight, since you
could put a powerful switching supply in a wall wart, and maybe safety,
as it could be designed to turn off in case of a short. 

I'd just replace the switching supply with a transformer, WITH A FUSE.
In case somebody cuts or shorts out the buried wiring with a garden
tool. This is why the Malibu lights are so popular - with the low
voltages and currents involved you dont have to worry about how you
bury the wiring, and the way most people lay out the wiring it's cut to
pieces in a few years with the weed whacker and then they can go out
and buy all new lights again..

Of course a Real Man would wire all the Malibu lights in series and
plug 'em in the wall - NOT! AT least not without properly burying all
the power in conduit a foot or two underground.


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