[RFI] mystery noise

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 13 16:55:25 EDT 2003

Suggestion: Take a handheld receiver and walk around until you find the
strongest location for these emissions.  You can easily make a small loop
out of coax cable, and use that for sniffing in the near field area. During
the problem on 80 meters with Phonex modems some years ago I used an old
sniffer loop found at a flea market.


> [Original Message]
> From: David Robbins K1TTT <k1ttt at arrl.net>
> i have been hearing a noise that i just can't identify, i have narrowed
> the source down to an area of 3 or 4 houses about 1/2 mile away from my
> station, but need to build a directional antenna to get it down closer.
> the real question is what might i be looking for????

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