[RFI] "Broadband over power lines closer to reality", article says

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There is an interesting aticle in the current Network World Fusion
about BPL: 


This article appears to be oblivious to tbe RFI implications of BPL. To
bring this issue up with them, I've written a letter to editor that is
likely to be published, identifying myself as both an amateur radio
operator and professional Unix System Administrator, attached below.
Another point I made, in a letter to the ARRL board, is that, with
respect to last Monday's (6/2) decision to further allow media
consolidation, today's FCC "follows the money", and for the ARRL to
make any progress against BPL it must ally itself with well-funded HF
interests such as commercial operators, Defense, and Homeland Security.

Comment to Network World Magazine:


The problem with BPL, not mentioned in the article, is that it will 
certainly cause widespread, significant interference to licensed high
frequency spectrum users between 1.5 and 30 Mhz. BPL has already had 
brakes put on it in Japan and Europe until this issue is resolved. 
(Ham) Radio operators are voiciferously opposed to rollout of the 
without a solution to this issue, and commercial and government users 
of HF
could weigh in as well.

If allowed as is by the FCC, BPL will probably be a Part 15 technology.

you ready to depend on a Part 15 technology that causes widespread
interference to, and must accept, interference from licensed spectrum 
802.11b also falls into the Part 15 purview, and interference problems 
BPL are going to be much worse.

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