[RFI] re: BPL

David Jordan wa3gin at erols.com
Thu Jun 5 23:05:54 EDT 2003

If they can't make it work in japan it's not going to work 
here...however, the companies have a right to try it and the gov. can't 
do much more than watch them fail at it...no one here in DC thinks this 
mode is going to fly...the competition (cable, Satellite, DSL, ISDN, T1, 
POTS dial-up, wireless 3G, etc.)has a pretty good lock on the market!


KA5MGL wrote:
> Pardon my naivte here, gang.   Am I correct in thinking the power companies (or whoever) would need to clean up their systems before it will reliably *pass* data at BPL speeds?   I'm thinking the bad connections, loose hardware, weak grounding, etc might be so bad it would hamper their own intentions.
> Am I far afield on this point?  Just curious.
> 73,
> Kelly, KA5MGL
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