[RFI] Tough to solve TVI problem

The Germinos mgermino at inreach.com
Thu Jun 5 22:10:45 EDT 2003

I would first disconnect the VCR and see if there was any improvement.  If
no improvement keep disconnecting other components.  If you get problems
with nothing hooked up, sell it.

Does your coax run close or parallel to any cables for the TV?  The coax may
be radiating.  Some beads or a line isolator on the coax at the antenna may

Does the rig have a AC line filter?

As been discussed here before a simple little homemade RF meter to detect RF
on cables would answer some questions quickly.

73, AD6AA

Subject: [RFI] Tough to solve TVI problem

> I have a 10 year old Mitsubishi 35" CRT TV, model number CS-35201.
> I am getting TVI on both 40 and 80 meters.  Both dipoles are about 30 feet
> above the TV.  On 40 meters, I get interference with as little as 5 watts
> TX output.  On 80 meters, I get interference with as little as about 20
> The rig is clean and has a low pass filter on the output.  The TV has an
> line filter and ferrite beads on all inputs.  I get interference on all
> channels regardless of input source (satellite rcvr, DVD, VCR) or input
> jack (S-Video or 75 ohm rf input).  Normally, I only use the S-Video
> I have tried grounding the rig to an 8 ft. long ground rod and leaving it
> floating and there's no change.  The rig should be clean.  It is an
> FT-1000MP and just came back from Yaesu service with a clean bill of
> As best I can tell, the interference is
> coming right through the chassis and getting into the video circuitry.
> Does anyone know of any particular issues with Mitsubishi or this
> model?  Any suggestions of what to try next?  I can't even get a service
> technician to work on this.  I've called several service technicians and
> insist there's nothing they can do about it.  Mitsubish won't acknowledge
> it could be a TV problem either.
> Has anyone found a TV manufacturer that manufacturers "clean" tv's and/or
> understands these types of issues?  I'll make a more informed choice next
> time around :-)
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