[RFI] BPL NOI deadlines

Rob Atkinson, K5UJ k5uj at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 7 01:06:47 EDT 2003

For those planning on reading and commenting to the FCC re their recently 
Notice of Inquiry for the Broadband over Power Line initiative, the
following appeared in the ARRL Letter concerning deadlines for comments:

<FCC corrects comment, reply comment dates in BPL proceeding: The FCC
says comment and reply comment deadlines in its Broadband over Power Line
(BPL) Notice of Inquiry (ET Docket 03-104) published May 23 in the Federal
Register were incorrect. In a correction issued June 3, the FCC announced
that comments from the public in this proceeding are due on or before July
7, 2003. Reply comments are due on or before August 6, 2003.>

More information on BPL, the NOI, how to comment etc. is available at the
ARRL website under RFI.http://www.arrl.org/news/stories/2003/05/08/3/#noi

The NOI is about 21 pages long.  I realize it is a lot to wade through, but 
of it is interesting once you get into it.  Not everyone is qualified to 
provide a
through and complete response to the whole thing--that's up to professionals 
like Ed
Hare.  But it is important that as many as possible take an evening to read 
through it,
underline whatever you can address with some competence even if only one 
and draft and write your response.

A paragraph or two, addressing one or two points in the NOI is better than 
several pages
of emotional ranting.  Please cite the part of the NOI you are commenting on
to show that you read it, and include whatever sources or experiences you 
have had
to support your statement(s).  These are the kinds of educated comments that
will command attention.   Avoid statements that are irrational, 
unsupportable and
subjective (name calling, simply telling the FCC that BPL is a dumb idea 
etc.).  Do your
venting at your local radio club meeting.

Another reason for doing this is that if the bands get trashed, you can at 
least say
you tried to do something about it.  Just as in people who don't vote have 
business complaining about legislation, hams who didn't answer the FCC will 
no one to blame but themselves if this thing turns out to be as bad as it 
to be.

Tnx & 73,

Rob Atkinson

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