[RFI] Two meter interference

Jerry k0hzi at attbi.com
Sun May 11 13:58:28 EDT 2003

Yes, Leon W5NA sent me that info.  I tune the TH-F6  and Azden to 149.76 
and hear music that matches channel 18 on my Television, they play 
classical music when there are no high school sports or city council 
meetings broadcast on channel 18.

Will contact Comcast and see if they can send someone out to
troubleshoot the problem.
73, Jerry  K0HZI

Cortland Richmond wrote:

> There are a number of possibilities. One is video carrier leakage from
> Cable TV channel E -- and if you don't get it on your own Cable it may be
> an illegal hookup by another tenant. Another is a scanner's local
> oscillator (some of the old ones are _strong_).  In the latter case, a
> Regency scanner using a 10.8 MHz IF might use a 145.26 MHz LO for the
> Minnesota Department of Transportation at 156.06, or a 10.7 MHz IF scanner
> might be tuned to 155.97 (also a Minnesota DOT frequency). 

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