[RFI] PLC Testing

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Sun May 25 22:17:29 EDT 2003

It is interesting to note that the BPL consortium is not proposing
to use the spectrum between 500 KHz and 2 MHz. If this technology
is so very compatible with wireless spectrum users, why are they
not trying to stake out the AM broadcast spectrum? This segment
of spectrum probably has a lower transmission loss and higher
SNR than any portion of the 2 to 30 MHz spectrum. Could it be
that they are worried about AM broadcast signals overloading
their modem front-ends if they take the 2 MHz high-pass filters out
of their equipment? Or is it that they are banking on the lack of
political clout on the part of the spectrum users in the 2 to 30 MHz
range (as opposed to Westwood One, et al)?

Read the articles on BPL in the IEEE Communications Magazine
(April and May 2003 issues). Most of the articles make very little
mention of compatibilty with other services. The ones that do,
make sweeping generalizations about supposed compatability
with little or no hard data or analysis to back up their work. In fact
the flavor their approach to the regulatory problem smacks of a
"how do we make it pass" mentality. The whole thing is a big
snow job, but the FCC will buy it if nobody forces them to face
up to the reality of the interference potential. This certainly won't
come from the BPL industry. They will do everything in their power
to draw attention away from the naked emperor.

73 de Mike, W4EF....................................................

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> I think this PLC garbage was "addressed and resolved" in most countries by
> not allowing it to happen.
> As far as complaints causing cash loss to the power distributors, this is
> complete wishful thinking.  The distributors spend as little as possible
> address RFI issues.  The most likely outcome is for the amateur radio
> operator to be cast as a crazy villain or otherwise a stumbling block to
> progress and the cause of everything from your computer crashing to the
> reason your light bulbs burn out early.
> After FCC approval is given there will be no way other than it not being
> economically viable for the ham community to ever be rid if it.
> The only reasonable course of action for amateur radio or any other RF
> between 2 and 80 MHz is to fight this plague like the cancer it is.
> If you have not already commented to the FCC regarding this latest idiocy
> its time to do so or kiss HF operation goodbye forever.
> Patrick A. Thompson SR.
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> > At this time I have very little to offer concerning the PLC everyone is
> > concerned about.
> > I believe the reason for problems in the other countries has been
> > addressed and resolved.
> > Everyone has good reason to be concerned, do to the potential this type
> > of devise has. However, for what it's worth, I will soon be conducting
> > tests to discover the effects it will have on the Amateur Radio Bands as
> > well as others.
> > Please be patient and remember, like all new products, the manufacturer
> > won't publish all the info concerning the product until it is completed.
> > There is a very obvious reason for this. The market is very competitive.
> > I assure you the power companies involved don't want to introduce a
> > product that will cause a constant flow of complaints. Complaints a far
> > more expensive than the revenue PLC would bring in for quite some time.
> > Let's give this a chance. At least enough of a chance to be tested.
> > I will publish the results as soon as the tests are complete and the
> > approval has been given. Again at this time I don't have much to
> > forward. I promise I'll give you all I can as soon as I can. When I send
> > it, it will be the truth and the facts. It will not be guesses,
> > assumptions or hearsay.
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