[RFI] Formal RFI complaint to the FCC

John Rollins kd7bcy at teleport.com
Wed Nov 5 11:45:19 EST 2003

>To make matters worse, even if I wanted to replace the tv I wouldn't know
>what TV to buy since all tv's are "legal" although some are less susceptible
>to TVI than others. How do you know in advance?

LOL... Just thought of something interesting. I have wonder what the 
salesmen would think when you walk in with a 40lb backpack with an 
antenna sticking out... I don't think that would work out well, but I 
can only imagine the look on their faces when you key up and the 
entire store goes nuts!!!

I'm sure there is a lower-profile way to do that, but I think they 
would still be suspicious when every TV you walk by gets wacky.


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